” Conspiracy Radio Worldwide : 7/25/15 “

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The explosive duo MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL are the special guest on the CONSPIRACY RADIO WORLDWIDE show in the UK – alongside PETE ROCK, SKYZOO, SLUM VILLAGE, etc….

This show has over a million followers and has maintained a broadcast presence for nearly ten years, so it goes without saying that we appreciated the wreck…


“MF Grimm and Drasar Monumental join us to discuss the latest volume in their critically acclaimed collaborative “Good Morning Vietnam” trilogy, namely, “”The Phoenix Program” and what the future holds for the hyper detailed visual duo. We also discuss Britcore, Drasar’s work as part of the Boxcutter Brother’s with Ayatollah, chemistry and listeners taking away jewel’s from the conceptual value and edutainment heard on “The Phoenix Programme”.


” Heavy Chop Work “

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*ABOVE PIC – Custom Vendetta Vinyl / Adidas Top 10’s…SAY WORD.

Here is the sampler for the BOXCUTTER BROTHERS 2 release by our comrade BOOGIE MENSCH…Turn the volume up a few notches and peep the stellar visuals troopers…BCB-2 is now shipping worldwide, get your copies while supplies last or else !!!!!

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” Stepping In Hotter This Year “


Our brother MF GRIMM’s (Jet Jaguar, Percy Carey, the Manhattan Dalai Lama, Grimm Reaper, etc) bornday is on the horizon (June 11th to be exact), so DRASAR MONUMENTAL took it upon himself to pay homage by assembling a mix that is filled to the rim with heavy turbulence, remixes, secret society tunes, B-sides, scratches, doubles, interviews and all types of wild activity…..

It’s a strictly MF GRIMM session that showcases his range, songwriting prowess, creativity, and dedication to his pen game for the last two decades….Feel free to spread around troopers…


Next up to bat is the brand new sequel to the well received BOXCUTTER BROTHERS instrumental project by AYATOLLAH & DRASAR MONUMENTAL…If you were awestruck by the first offering – ┬ápart two will send dedicated crate digger types, beat fiends, and rare groove enthusiast into a instant frenzy……We are now shipping this release worldwide, so scoop up a copy immediately before they are gone for good…*CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.





*GRIMM & DRASAR are currently in the lab putting the finishing touches on another masterpiece, expect a release within the near future..#FACTS.

” Vendetta Avalanche “

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*Get your copy of “BCB” now before they are gone for good…

Major shout out to all the spots that have been rocking that Box Cutter Brother (AYATOLLAH & DRASAR MONUMENTAL) shit…

Egotrip, Grand Good, Old To The New, Dot Got It, Beatbox, Golden Era, Lost Tapes, Crate Science, HHID, and the many others…Recently Robbie from UNKUT wrote up a mini review that is worthy of your time – AUSTRALIA STAND THE FUCK UP…

“Rather than five minute loops, this album never stays still, introducing choice scratched in snippets from The Beatnuts, Ice-T, Neek The Exotic and more. Switching up musical styles and techniques with every track eliminates any chance of monotony, providing twelve cuts of sure-shot musical massacres.”


” The Boxcutter Brothers “

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If your growing leery of sleep inducing beat tapes, the BOX CUTTER BROTHERS (Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental) are here to activate your senses…Heavy chops, ill compositions, and 12 sliced up instrumentals for you to rock out with….

This brand new limited release is in stock and ready for shipping worldwide….


Salute to everyone out there that supports our material, and while your at it, peep the convo between the BOXCUTTER BROTHERS over @ HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD


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” Vendetta Garments “

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5 Star General salute to everyone that is supporting GMV3, we fully appreciate it…We recently restocked the wax and CD at Amoeba Records in SF & Berkeley, so if you live in the BAY area your prayers are now answered….HAHA..Lately we have been bombarded with request to restock the VENDETTA VINYL tees, so be on the lookout for another run in the near future….

Check out the above pic of our comrade straight from the South Bronx, HEKTEK (Afrika Bambaataa’s right hand man) rocking the VV TEE with BX Bomber, Puerto Rock pride…

*Photo courtesy of FUNK WHAT YOU HEARD (PEZO)..

And while your at it – peep the visuals for “GLACIERS OF ICEX / PATSY” a truly amazing piece of art that will spark heavy thoughts…BLAM,BLAM,BLAM….

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” Heavy Morale On Deck “

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First of all we want to give a major shout out to PDX, MF GRIMM, DRASAR MONUMENTAL, PEZO, STATE, AYATOLLAH, WIDOWMAKERZ, MICKEY ROCKS, RIFF, WICKED, FOODERZ, and FUTURE SHOCK for assisting in the GMV3 release party / BATTLEFIELD FUNK RADIO jump off this past weekend….

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*MF GRIMM & AYATOLLAH rocking on the radioooooo!
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It was overwhelming to see the deadly duo (MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL) receive so much praise and support for their musical endeavors…The new record was literally flying off the shelves….

On that note, GMV3 is moving extremely fast so we suggest placing your order as soon as possible (Only 500 pieces pressed)….Be on the lookout for more GMV3 videos, remixes, and explosive surprises in the near future….

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Within a weeks time we will be dropping the VIETNAM BREAKS scratch looper for free….If you are a hardcore scratch dude (Like the majority of the cats @ VENDETTA HQ) this will assist you while you practice on your patterns, combos, and scratch vocabulary…..Salute to every DJ that submitted their material….


” GMV3- Now Launching “

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All of the CD orders were shipped out weeks ago, now the wax version of GMV3 has arrived at VENDETTA VINYL HQ and we are shipping (ORDER YOUR COPY NOW)…….

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding…

If your a dedicated Hip Hop student, true to the grain B-Boy, or an aficionado of hardcore material – GMV3 will be included on your personal list of top 10 albums of 2014…

Salute to everyone on the field that still stand strong in these turbulent times!!!

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” Test Press Poltergeist “

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Were only weeks away from launching the #GMV3 MX missile at EVERY trooper on the battlefield….The test presses sound explosive, loud, and extra punchy- exactly the way it was intended when we assembled the sonic blueprints…

Salute to everyone that has supported our material, it is appreciated to the utmost…

MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL #GMV-3 “The Phoenix Program”.

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